im so dumb im going to sleep.

i didn’t download episode 2 uhuh.

I also started watching the strain.idek why but also not that so bad

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its 5:39 in the morning and I want to sleep so i can go to the gym at 10

but oh look at that i have 4 episodes of the leftovers to watch

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It’s 7 in the morning and I haven’t slept bc I woke up at 9pm last night but I’m kind of sleepy.

School starts on Sunday and in spending my morning watching zombie movies.

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by desmondhwong http://ift.tt/1z4rUcO

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PeteTaipei Night, 2012


Taipei Night, 2012

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If Gaza were the United States, the toll would be 235,252 dead, and 1,171,939. In 23 days.
That’s equal to 1.4 million casualties. In 23 days.
That’s equal to 78 September 11 attacks. In 23 days.
That’s equal to 4 times all American deaths in Vietnam War. In 23 days. Arun Gupta (via muslimmafia)

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